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Merry Christmas

It's taken all the way up until Christmas Eve but BG has finally found her Christmas Spirit.  A two week bought with the flu and several rounds of steroids have taken their toll on this ol' gal.  But finally, it's here and I'm so excited for the upcoming days.

This time yesterday I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  By the time I left work I was so agitated and worked up that I was nearly in panic attack mode.  I took a deep breath, collected myself and got down to business.  I finished my shopping and wrapped all my gifts.  Now I won't promise the gifts are pretty, but by golly they are wrapped.

I am almost always happy anymore but I woke up cheerful today.  Like a weight had been lifted.  Of course that can also go back to the boyfriend who acknowledged my stress yesterday and bent over backwards to pitch in and do whatever he could to ease things up on my plate, right down to making sure dinner was covered.  And why?  Because he wanted to say thank you.…

Glimpses of karma

It's pretty sad, I blog so seldom, I had to go back and see what my last post was about.  And when.  Nearly 4 months have passed and there have been so many more changes in my life.

The big change is, I was granted an amazing job opportunity that I couldn't turn down.  So on August 15, I said goodbye to the job I'd held for over 13 years.  It was time for a change.  I'm still a paralegal but it's a completely different setting and better pay.  I can finally afford to give my daughter the things she needs and deserves without worrying how to make ends meet.

Really that's the biggest change.  There have been minor changes some of which I may have already mentioned within my family.  Good and bad but we know things could always get worse so we manage.  My dad's health has been failing for some time and we now know he has early stages of dementia.  Being a daddy's girl, it's difficult to see, but I cherish the time I have with him.

Barbie Jr is still he…

Goodbye past!

While going on an office purge, I came across something I forgot I even had.  The printed archives from this blog.  All the posts prior to what is now my first post.
I stared into that rearview mirror for a moment.  Contemplating keeping those pages.  A good start to my autobiography maybe?  I am sure there were quite a few things I rambled about that I have even forgotten.  And what good would it do to keep them anyway?  So I ripped off that rearview mirror and did something very theraputic.  I walked to the shredder and fed every page through.  I then deleted the archives that were saved on my computer.
For a split second I regretted it.  But then I realized, those were old memories, hurtful memories, things I have moved past.  So why keep them, to reopen the wounds?  It was satisfying.  I have found forgiveness. I have moved on and I love the life I have now.  But as I shredded those last pages, I couldn't help but recall a quote from an episode of "Friends" where Rac…

157 days, 20 pounds and a new zip code

It's been 157 days since my last post.  Hahaha, I feel like I'm in some sort of confession.  But yes, I did calculate how many days.  One reader commented, "A quite Barbie Girl is a happy Barbie Girl", and yes, it's true.

Oh, how life has changed in the past 157 days.  I've gotten fatter (no I'm not pregnant).  Barbie Jr. has gotten smarter (she's going into 6th grade).  I've increased the size of my zoo (not so small anymore).  And I have a new zip code.

The beginning of the year brought struggles with Barbie Jr and her grades.  I am proud to report with hard work and some med adjustments my gal brought her grades up significantly.  I am so increcibly proud of the amazing young woman she's becoming.  My once 21 inch tall baby almost looks me in the eyes now.  And loves fashion.  And looks darn cute in braces.

A few months back, she and I packed up our small zoo and moved in with the boo.  I don't want to call him Ken, I don't want to…