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Last time I checked

So the last time I checked my birth certificate it had me turning 36 this year. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no whiz at math, but I am pretty sure my current age is 35. Apparently there has been some confusion since everyone wants to treat me like a fucking child.
I'm sick of everyone telling me how I should live my life. Sick of the guilt trips when I do find happiness. Sick of the negativity.
But it's fine, because one thing I have learned lately is, this is MY life. As long as I am not potentially harming my child, then nobody should have any say in what I do. And they can't stand that. I will make mistakes like everyone else and I will learn from them. I will no longer live my life for everyone else, I now live my life for ME!

It will never happen to me.....

If you'd told me 17 years ago I'd end up a victim of domestic violence I would have said you were crazy. IF you'd told me a year ago I'd end up a victim of domestic violence I would have said you were crazy. Something like that would never happen to me. Well folks, guess what, it did.
11 days ago to be exact. We've been separated for over 5 months now. He lived for 2 of those with the woman that led to our separation. And I, after 5 months went on a date *gasp*.
He's been on a downward spiral for months. Even while living with her, he would call me up and scream and make crazy accusations about me and a friend of mine. It had gotten to the point, I refused to communicate in any way except for texting. Then Barbie Jr. became sick and was hospitalized, my dad had already been hospitalized for some time and all around the same time as he moved out of her house.
We were able to communicate once again. We'd had numerous conversations over the months of …