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Goodbye past!

While going on an office purge, I came across something I forgot I even had.  The printed archives from this blog.  All the posts prior to what is now my first post.
I stared into that rearview mirror for a moment.  Contemplating keeping those pages.  A good start to my autobiography maybe?  I am sure there were quite a few things I rambled about that I have even forgotten.  And what good would it do to keep them anyway?  So I ripped off that rearview mirror and did something very theraputic.  I walked to the shredder and fed every page through.  I then deleted the archives that were saved on my computer.
For a split second I regretted it.  But then I realized, those were old memories, hurtful memories, things I have moved past.  So why keep them, to reopen the wounds?  It was satisfying.  I have found forgiveness. I have moved on and I love the life I have now.  But as I shredded those last pages, I couldn't help but recall a quote from an episode of "Friends" where Rac…