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As most of you know, (hahaha, meaning my 2 or 3 "fans") last year was a pretty rough one.  I could go through each thing but that would probably cause me some anxiety and possibly some drinking.  Or crying.  Or screaming.  So we'll leave it at, it wasn't the best.

But the truth be told, I wouldn't go back and change any of it.  Not even that moment where I was headbutted and pretty sure for a split second that I was dead.

My year ended well.  Christmas Eve I was mopey and all feeling sorry for myself.  Barbie, Jr. was with her dad and I was home alone.  I won't lie, I spent the entire day in bed sulking. Christmas day Santa brought me my Christmas Spirit. Watching the joy in Barbie, Jr's face as she opened her gifts was priceless.

I spent lots of time with my girl over Christmas break.  She spent New Year's Eve with her dad and I spent mine with my parents and my nephew.  We laughed, and acted silly and fed the cat cheese.  And of course I had my croc…


I keep looking at the clock making sure it's not April Fools day.  Or waiting for someone to jump from around a corner and tell me everything is one big joke.

First off my cell phone went "bloop" and then died.  That happened the day after I figured out my debit card info had been stolen/hacked and someone got me for over $200.  I barely had an extra $200 laying around.  It's slowly but surely getting sorted out.

This after the most recent drama in my life which would be Savannah doesn't want to go with her dad.  The last 2 out of 3 times she went for an overnight with him she sobbed until she made herself sick wanting to be with me.  It all began around Thanksgiving.  Initially I thought maybe it was because I had been upset over the cat.  But it continued.  It's hard to see her like this.  When she thinks she is going to have to go she gets hives.  And from my standpoint, it's the most difficult thing ever.  I don't know what is going on in her hea…

There is a Santa Claus!!

I know because I have seen Santa not once, but twice, waving along Rt. 60.  I even embarrassed Barbie, Jr. by honking at him and shouting HI SANTA out the window.

This year Barbie, Jr. is at that age where she's skeptical.  I came across a pretty neat website where you can make a personalized video and send it to your child.  The look in her eyes as she watched it was priceless.  Even better was after the video was over she says to me, "MOM! I think Santa's been creeping on me on Facebook!"  But it took me back to when I was her age.

My grandfather, Dr. Harold E. Ward, was a professor at Marshall University. When he began at Marshall, it was still known as Marshall College.  He was probably one of the smartest people I ever known.  I was only fifteen when he passed and I wish I had been able to learn more from him.

As I was growing up, I recall many times that he would take my cousins and I to his annual Christmas party at school.  And every year, Santa would be th…