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It's come to my attention that I'm known to a couple people as WOW.  I'm venturing to guess it stands for Wicked Ol Witch.  I could be wrong, but I'm probably not.  I find it hilarious actually.  Why you ask?  Because it means that I get under your skin SO MUCH that you came up with a nickname for me.  That's classic.  Thanks for the amusement. Thanks for the realization that for some reason, you are threatened by me.  And all I ever did was be me!
It seems as though you are mistaken however. It seems you are under the misconception that I am unhappy.  Don't confuse my blog posts with how I am.  Yes, I blog real, raw, deep down feelings.  But I leave them there.  That doesn't mean I sit around sad and down and depressed all the time.  Here's a secret, for the most part, I am HAPPY!  *gasp*  What!?!?!?!  The last time I recall crying, even just a little bit, was at a funeral about a month ago.  Guess what?  Funerals are sad. I'm a single mom.  I str…

Don't stop believing....

A little over a month ago, the story of a local dog touched our hearts.  He was found in a ditch, injured, was taken in where he laid in a garage for 3 days, could not stand, he was fed but the person was just waiting for the shelter to open to take him in.  The lovely group of ladies that I foster for, found out, was able to get him and rushed him to the vet.

A month ago today he underwent extensive surgery to his leg and pelvis. Going in, it was uncertain as to whether or not he would even be able to keep his leg.  During surgery it was discovered that his injuries were most likely a few weeks old.  Luckily, his leg was repaired and stabilized with a pin.  That weekend I was asked to foster him.

I was nervous. I have fostered in the past many times but he would require crate rest and different care than I was used to.  Reluctantly I agreed to it.  I picked him up on July 8th.

In the days following I was put at ease. I would have to carry him off the back porch so he could potty.  P…