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Sexy and I know it?

The fact that my life is a constant drama has become the topic of amusement in my family and rightfully so. But if I have learned anything over the past 2 years, it's been to roll with the punches, dust myself off and move forward stronger and learning from whatever lesson life might hold at the moment. The latest is the saga of Barbie's Not So Dreamy House. Barbie will be relocating her dream house over the next couple of weeks to a new location. It's a good thing although the circumstances leading up to the relocation not amusing. It will all around work out for the best. I'm back in the dreaded dating field yet again. I still have that insecure voice inside of me who is convinced that my date will take one look at me and run the other way. Although the logical side of me says if he did, that would be his loss. But the insecure side of me would crumble and die if that ever happened. But I've developed the ability to mask my insecurity well. I was refer…