Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

It's taken all the way up until Christmas Eve but BG has finally found her Christmas Spirit.  A two week bought with the flu and several rounds of steroids have taken their toll on this ol' gal.  But finally, it's here and I'm so excited for the upcoming days.

This time yesterday I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  By the time I left work I was so agitated and worked up that I was nearly in panic attack mode.  I took a deep breath, collected myself and got down to business.  I finished my shopping and wrapped all my gifts.  Now I won't promise the gifts are pretty, but by golly they are wrapped.

I am almost always happy anymore but I woke up cheerful today.  Like a weight had been lifted.  Of course that can also go back to the boyfriend who acknowledged my stress yesterday and bent over backwards to pitch in and do whatever he could to ease things up on my plate, right down to making sure dinner was covered.  And why?  Because he wanted to say thank you.  Yes, he said this.  He ran himself ragged yesterday doing things I was worried about getting done, so I wouldn't have to fret.  I don't know what I did to deserve him but I'm sure thankful and blessed.

And for the first time in probably 15 years I had to work on Christmas Eve.  It's slow, and I don't have much to do, but all I know is how thankful that I am to be in this office with wonderful people.  There are certainly ups and downs to any job, and I was terrified to take this leap, but now I'm glad that I did.  I actually have never regretted it.  Sure there are days I want to pull my hair out but there is always someone willing to step in and say, "What can I do to help?"  It's a nice feeling actually. 

I could ramble on for hours about how humbled and blessed I am.  I have seen God at work in so many ways this year.  My year started out in turmoil, having to move again, just life in general rocky for me.  But it all worked out and I know it's because God had a bigger plan for me.  And he has a plan for you as well.

Merry Christmas!