Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's been decided...

I spent the last few days of 2012 doing some serious analyzing of my life.  Was I happy with how things were?  Was I happy with where I was?  Was I tired of being a doormat?  Am I tired of not standing up to myself to anyone and everyone?

Two answers were yes, two answers were no.  I'm tired of being bossed around being told what to do and people actually expecting me to do it.  Here's a little secret.  I'm 37, not 17.  I'm tired of being a doormat.  Not speaking up for myself.  And it's really nobody's fault but my own.  God forbid I speak up for myself.  I mean, what do I expect?  I was happy with myself but not my doormat status.  I wasn't happy with how things were because I have had this void in my life for so long.

So I vowed the last day of 2012 that I would no longer allow myself to be pushed around, walked on and walking around feeling sort of empty.  I would no longer invest my time in someone who treated me like nothing but a booty call.  So at midnight, December 31, I launched that ship to sea.  Bid it farewell.  And started out the new year on a good note.

Little did I know, a chance passing while running with "the dogs" would turn into something that is wonderful and amazing.

                            To be continued...............................

Friday, January 04, 2013


Yes I listened to the Jonas Brothers this morning at work.  Tom Brady* (*name has been changed to protect the innocent) loves when I sing random Carpenters songs to her.  I like the color pink but rarely wear it. I have a pink high heel tape dispenser on my desk. I'm addicted to SongPop. Sometimes when I get all nostalgic I miss hugs from Ken. Barbie, Jr. is growing up way too fast.  I need to get in shape and get healthier. I don't like Reggae music. There is glitter in my bathroom floor and I'm okay with it. Some people annoy me for no apparent reason. I don't understand Facebook "poking". Of course there are many things I will never understand.  Tom Brady and I decided what we were having for lunch at 9:30 this morning. Why are people so loud?  I need therapy for my Adam Levine obsession.  Taylor Swift is my best friend but she doesn't know this. I threw out yarn when I moved. My Christmas tree needs to be taken down.  There's no storage in my house.  I'm hungry. I need to put gas in my car. I'm excited for payday.  I probably should quit rambling. Is it cold outside?

Moral of the story?  This is how my brain works! :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here's to a new year.  A better year.  New adventures. Health, happiness and love.  Happy New Year!